Industry Wednesday at R3 Lounge from 8pm - 1am.

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Makeup & Hair Artists will be on site to assist with TOUCH UPS as needed. Check out their portfolio at


Fashionable Key items will be available for an interactive styling session provided by


Special appearances by the lovely Prestigious Models from



Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What will be taking place at the Industry Wednesday event?
    There will be a live photo shoot session with the Image Powerhouse team, Karaoke with the lovely Prestigious Models, DJ spinning EDM music and top hits as well as live singing from local singers performing with a 1 man band.  This is going to be the SEXIEST and most breathtaking weekly event ever!

  2. What is the purpose and goal for the Industry Wednesday event?
    Prestigious Models executives and other entertainment agents will be present to recruit new talents to join the agency.  It’s also a great way for the agency to meet potential talent in person, conduct a test shoot as well as observe their social skills in an industry environment.   This process alone will help speed up the development process of a new talent's portfolio and allows us to focus on booking them for paid assignments. Our overall goal for Industry Wednesday is to produce an exclusive members only event showcasing our talented performers, singers, dancers, and models while they hone their skills to prepare themselves for upcoming assignments.

  3. Why should industry professionals attend this event?
    Everyone can take advantage of shooting with the Image Powerhouse team from New York City at NO COST.  It’s imperative that all industry professionals have current promotional and headshot images.  Your personal image is the public brand that will get you booked on that next assignment. A Makeup artist and hair stylist will be available for touch up during the photo shoot session.   Key fashionable wardrobe pieces will be available for styling purposes.  

  4. I’m not a model, actor or in the industry, can I still attend the event?
    Of course you can! Just sign up to get on the list. Be sure to come dressed to impress and enjoy a glamorous night with us. 

  5. What if I don’t come prepared with the proper dress code?
    Because this is an upscale and fashionable event, a penalty fee may apply to strictly enforce the appropriate attire. Don’t worry; we’ll buy you a drink of your choice if this happen.  =)  Ladies and Mens key wardrobe items will also be available for purchase on some nights. Many Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  6. My friends didn’t sign up for the guest list yet; will they still be able to get in?
    Everyone can simply sign up at the door on their mobile phones at upon arrival.  This is a strict guest list only event. 

  7. How can I obtain the photos that were taken at the event?
    Our team will email you the link withn 7-14 days. You can download the photos to keep them for your own personal use.