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Bobbi Nguyen, financial specialist with Accurate Fidelity Mortgage (AFM), has 14 years’ experience in the real estate profession. Bobbi Nguyen is responsible for all aspects of operations for AFM and its sister company Professional Realty Associates.

Since joining the family business in 1994, she has contributed into residential mortgage, commercial financing, tenant consulting, financing more than 16.5 million dollar the first year and guiding many minorities to owning their own home, starting new business and expanding opportunities. Today, AFM financed over a quarter of a billion dollars into the real estate development. Mean while the sister company, Professional Realty Associates welcomes two new departments, PR Associates Commercial in 2001 and Omega Construction in 2005.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Bobbi Nguyen as the new Strategic Managing Director for the US Asian Business council, a public policy organization committed to advocating for the advancement of Asian Pacific American entrepreneurs and businesses in the United States and abroad. Prior Bobbi Nguyen involvement with the US Asian Business Council and on the committee of Houston Entrepreneur Center, a small development center dedicated to improving and expanding business opportunities in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in the state of Texas; Mrs. Bobbi Nguyen was involved with the White House Initiative Commissioners. The Office of the White House Initiative was established under Executive Order 13339 to increase economic opportunities and improve the quality of life of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through greater participation in federal programs where they may be underserved.

She is currently responsible for overseeing the Lac Hong Day Activity Center, an adult day care center, located in the heart of Chinatown – Houston, TX. The day care center was developed to contribute to the community. She participates in the Asian community affairs to not only help but also learn about her history. Now at the age of thirty one, she has turned her considerable experience to business and economic development – nationally.

The experience she amassed in those positions gives her tools she needs to help continue to build in Chinatown or any other development make the most of their real estate economy. She shares her knowledge through the media of VOVN (since 1999), TNT (since 1999), and formally on VAB (since 2004). She writes article for NBiz, Saigon Tex  and AARE. Mrs. Nguyen is a strong advocate of community service and works with the Asian American seniors. She serves on a number of boards and commissions around the country including Asset Builders, National Center for Community Development, and serves as advisory, BPSOS, Harris County, US ABC, White House Initiative and board of the Houston Fine Art Museum. She is an active youth group leader for Yellow Cross and the Youth Society, where she meets weekly and write grants to serve the seniors in medical attention, health awareness, community out reach, voting rights, and stop the hunger by donating 20,000 ton of produce bi weekly.

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